Blooming Best Buds FAQ


Is there an atm available ?
Yes, there’s one available.

– Do you accept debit & credit card?
No, cash only but there is an atm available.

– Is it handicap accessible?
Yes, it’s handicap accessible.

– Is there parking?
Yes, they have a parking lot on the premises.

– Is there returns/refunds ?
No, all sales are final unless deemed defective.

– Is there a Dab bar?
Yes, there’s a dab bar available to use.

– Do I need an ID to go in?
Yes, you need a valid government issued id to go in.

– Do I need a prescription/ medical card?
No, there’s no medical card or prescription needed.

– What products are available at a Dispensary?
There are many different types of products sold at dispensaries offering consumers the
opportunity to eat, smoke, drink, rub, and vape cannabis products.

– Is there delivery ?
No, at this moment we don’t offer delivery. Sorry.

– Do you sell Cbd products?
Yes, we do. We have different options to choice from such as topical, vaping, drinking, and

– What’s the difference between CBD and THC Cannabis?
CBD is not psychoactive, so you will not feel high when consuming products.
THC is psychoactive, so you are likely to feel high when consuming products with THC
(depending on the amount you consume).

– Is there a customer loyalty program?
Yes! Ask your budtender about our reward program.

– Are there any specials?
Yes, we have a variety of specials every day.